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Sunday, Sep 27, 2020

Bentley worth £167,000 towed by police as it 'had no insurance'

A Bentley supercar worth £167,000 was towed away after the driver refused to give his keys to police.
Officers came across the luxury vehicle outside the Peaky Blinders-themed bar in Manchester city centre, left in what appeared to be a suspended parking bay.

Checks showed that the Bentley Continental GT appeared to have no insurance.

The driver was tracked down by the officers in a nearby bar.

But he told police he would not hand over the keys to the car.

The motorist apparently believed officers from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) would not tow away his vehicle.

GMP tweeted: ‘How wrong, car was dragged onto back of recovery truck. #NoInsurance.’

A recovery vehicle was summoned and the car was taken away to the police compound.

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