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Tuesday, Jun 15, 2021

Charles 'has met Archie twice and doesn't have recent photo of them together

Charles 'has met Archie twice and doesn't have recent photo of them together

Prince Charles has only met his grandson Archie twice and couldn’t find an up-to-date photo to use for his birthday message, according to reports.

Palace officials were left feeling uncomfortable as they were forced to accompany their posts with press photos from just after the toddler was born and official christening pictures, it is claimed.

According to the Daily Mail, Archie now speaks with a distinct American accent, after his parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the decision to step down as senior royals and move to California.

It is understood the the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can count their meetings with their nephew ‘easily on one hand’.

Archie is only thought to have met his cousins — Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, six, and three-year-old Prince Loius — just once.

A source said: ‘The truth is the Prince of Wales has barely seen his grandson twice since he was born.

‘In fact every member of Harry’s family can easily count on one hand the number of times they saw Archie after he was born and before the family left the UK. It’s a very sad situation.’

Prince Charles used this picture of Archie from just after his born to wish him a happy second birthday

The Sussexes released this sepia-toned picture of Archie on Thursday as he turned two

However, sources have stressed no one is to blame for the lack of family connections.

It is royal tradition to release new images of children in the family as they celebrate their birthdays, as observed by Prince William and Kate last week when Charlotte turned six.

As Archie celebrated his second birthday on Thursday, the Sussexes shared a sepia-toned picture of their son, holding a large bunch of balloons in their garden with his back turned to the camera.

In honour of his birthday, Harry and Meghan have asked for people to donate $5 (£3.60) each towards the global Covid vaccine rollout.

A statement from on the couple’s Archwell foundation website said: ‘While we may feel that normalcy is around the corner, we remind ourselves that in much of the world, and especially in developing countries, vaccine distribution has effectively yet to start.

‘We will not be able to truly recover until everyone, everywhere, has equal access to the vaccine.

‘And with that intention, we are inviting you to contribute whatever you can – if you have the means to do so – to bring vaccines to families in the world’s most vulnerable places.

‘For a donation of just 5 dollars, you can cover the cost of a dose for someone in need. And because we were able to secure matching support from a number of organizations, that $5 you give will automatically turn into 20 dollars – covering the cost of four doses.’

‘We cannot think of a more resonant way to honor our son’s birthday.’


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