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Saturday, Sep 26, 2020

Community Police Officers Fundraise for Children in Need

Community Police Officers Fundraise for Children in Need

This Saturday, 15 August, the RCIPS Community Policing Unit began a series of fundraising efforts for Primary Schools across the Cayman Islands, starting with George Town Primary School. This fundraising activity is being carried out to assist the schools in providing meals for students whose families are struggling financially.
On Tuesday 18 August, the Community Policing Unit presented the funds earned by their efforts to the Principal of the George Town Primary School. A draft was handed over to the principal Ms Sharon Campbell-Danvers and the vice-principal Ms. Carol Gopaul.

“The Community Police Officers have formed bonds with the staff and students of each school,” says PS Pompey of the Community Policing Unit. “We have been taking part in activities and getting to know about the schools and the students for years, and so we know that there are children who need the help of the community to assist them. We can only hope that our efforts encourage others to take an active part in the development of their communities and especially the development of the youth.”

The officers will continue their efforts on Saturday, 22 August, where they will be at the Red Bay Primary School between 9AM and 4PM washing cars to support their cause. It is the intention of the officers to continue these efforts for all the public primary schools across the Cayman Islands.

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