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Monday, Dec 09, 2019

Fake US$ being spent in Cayman

Fake US$ being spent in Cayman

The RCIPS Financial Crimes Investigations Unit said that they had received three separate reports of counterfeit money being circulated in Cayman. The notes, which are US$100 bills and other smaller denominations, are not the first reports this year of fake cash being used in the community. Investigators are urging the public to be vigilant when exchanging money and compare the notes they receive with ones that they already have.

“If you believe that you have been given a false note, please do not attempt to spend the note, but instead report the matter to the police and turn the note over to the police,” a police spokesperson stated, adding that knowingly “uttering a false note” (using fake cash) is an offence in the Cayman Islands.

The find out more about US counterfeit notes and how to identify them, visit the US government’s US currency education website here.


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