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Monday, May 17, 2021

Hit the Road in Spring's Best Menswear

Hit the Road in Spring's Best Menswear

This spring, take a trip in style. Even if there’s no particular destination.

As we shift to spring and summer, menswear is characterized by subtle patterns, beautifully tailored suits, and curated layering with a desire to be seen. Ideal for any destination, menswear from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, and more offer a fresh feeling of sophistication embodied through the preservation of classic pieces and traditional silhouettes. For L'OFFICIEL Hommes' latest issue, these styles go for a ride.

Hugo: Sweater and scarf JIL SANDER Pants UNIFORME PARIS Belt DIOR.

From left-Hugo: Jacket, vest, shirt, and pants GUCCI Shoes EMPORIO ARMANI. Valentin: Jacket, pants, and shoes GUCCI.

Jeranimo: Jacket and shirt LEMAIRE. Valentin: Sweater SURVIVAL OF THE FASHIONEAST Shirt BRUNELLO CUCINELLI.

Valentin: Jacket, pants, and scarf MAISON MARGIELA.

From left-Jeranimo: Shirt, pants, and tie PRADA. Hugo: Jacket, shirt, and pants LOUIS VUITTON.

Hugo: Cape and shirt NAMACHEKO Tie PRADA.

From left-Valentin: Jacket, skirt, and tie THOM BROWNE Shirt BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Hat STETSON. Jeranimo: Jacket, shirt, and pants THOM BROWNE. Hugo: Jacket, shirt, pants, and tie THOM BROWNE.

Jeranimo: Jacket and vest UNDERCOVER Shirt and pants BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Shoes SEBAGO Tie THOM BROWNE Socks PRADA.

Hugo: Jacket and shirt LOUIS VUITTON. Valentin: Jacket, shirt, and tie LOUIS VUITTON.


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― David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory

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