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Sunday, Sep 20, 2020

Is Rishi Sunak launching a bailout or a menswear range?

Is Rishi Sunak launching a bailout or a menswear range?

The government had plenty of good news to share with the arts world today, after it unveiled a £1.57 billion support package for cash-strapped theatres and venues who are unable to open because of the coronavirus crisis.

The £880m in grants and £270m in loans are the latest of several whopping support schemes signed off by the Treasury to keep the struggling British economy afloat.

It was perhaps inevitable then that the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, would want to celebrate the move with his own announcement this weekend. It also gave the Chancellor the opportunity to once again show-off his own unique branding. It’s become commonplace in recent months, after significant government announcements, for Sunak to post smart images on social media, complete with his swishy signature, pink font and aspirational message overlaid on an image of the suited Chancellor himself.

The latest is below:

While the Chancellor has also mocked up posters for the ‘summer economic update’, and the extension of the furlough scheme.

Sunak’s detractors may believe that the Chancellor has his eye on Number 10, and is creating his own unique personal brand as he rises in the polls. Mr S wonders though if there might be a better explanation: perhaps he is planning on launching his own menswear line?


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That post exemplifies the root of the problem - a historical legacy of centuries of propaganda based on the premise of European racial supremacy. It portrays the white colonial master that is the savior to the ever thankful poor black slave. Thank God, I’m an emancipated African - and I don’t worship at the feet of white gods - the Queen or the Governor, who are simply relics of outmoded colonialism built on the tenets of racist institutions of white supremacy that colonized and enslaved Africans for centuries.

As Bob Marley said, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,” because sometimes, “shit is just shit!”

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