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Sunday, Sep 20, 2020

Man Walks 20 Miles To Work Overnight Until Cop Follows Him To Find Out Why

E. Bach
The cop car pulled up alongside him, as he continued to plod forward through the night. But the car continued to follow. He had to make it… 10 miles to go and he’d be safe. He looked at his watch and walked faster, his legs burning as he powered on. But there was no deterring this policeman.

Watch this heart-warming video, just to get some balance against all the hostile and poisoned sentiments that are flying around.

Not all police officers are devils like Derek Chauvin, who killed George Floyd. In fact most of them are absolutely not, and some of them - as on those videos - are simply angels.

Defunding the police sounds like an absolutely logical move after watching the horror killing of George Floyd by the 4 Minneapolis police officers.

But there is always a day after. A day when we all will need help from the police. And, as usual, they will be there for us, whatever color we are.

Not only do we need the police, but we need to super-fund them so they can afford to hire better people than the likes of Derek Chauvin. Happy police are kinder police: all of us perform better when we are happy.

We need to fight against the bad cops - by rewarding the good cops.


Quote of the Day

“This last is important. Even in corporate environments, it is very difficult to remove an underling for incompetence if that underling has seniority and a long history of good performance reviews. As in government bureaucracies, the easiest way to deal with such people is often to “kick them upstairs”: promote them to a higher post, where they become somebody else’s problem.”

David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory
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