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Sunday, Sep 27, 2020

Minister Seymour Updates on MRCU, Health Insurance Premiums

Minister Seymour Updates on MRCU, Health Insurance Premiums

I want to begin with an update from MRCU - I know many of you are happy to know that they have been hard at work in ridding us of the nuisance mosquito problem. I live in Bodden Town so I too am very happy!
I am pleased to report that MRCU has been diligently battling the existing biting population of mosquitoes across the island, as well as to contain mosquito reproduction resulting from the weekend's rainfall and flooding.

Both planes were active all week, spraying flooded areas containing mosquito larvae as well as spraying at night to reduce these biting mosquitoes. Likewise, all of MRCU's Disease Prevention Officers have been actively treating smaller bodies of standing water throughout the island's neighbourhoods.

The DPOs, have been out with the fogging trucks nightly to fill in areas not treated aerially and in response to any service requests.

I would just like to add here that an additional truck will be out in the area from Rum Point to Hutland tonight in response to a request.

Trap counts indicate spraying has been effective in reducing the biting mosquito populations and I am pleased that requests for service are also trending down, so this is good news to the success of their hard work. MRCU does recognize however that there are still pockets of annoying mosquitoes and they will continue their spray efforts until these are eliminated.

The entire MRCU team is to be commended for their ongoing efforts to suppress the mosquito population. During this past week, in particular, the aerial team and Senior DPOs have continued to work tirelessly in their coordination of ground and aerial functions to achieve success. MRCU is also active on both Sister Islands and the teams there are also being recognized for their hard work.

Additionally, most persons should have seen by now the release to the public with regards to the Health Insurance Premiums Payment Assistance Programme. I hope that this has helped to allay fears surrounding coverage and payment of premiums. To reiterate, the Ministry is now in receipt of invoices for the April and May premiums from the approved insurers and these are currently being processed. The June numbers should be finalised shortly as the deadline for applications was 15 July. Once these are finalised, payments will follow.

There appears to have been some confusion surrounding the submission of invoices but I would like to assure the public that Ministry's requirements in this regard are to ensure proper and transparent handling of public funds.

During such an unprecedented time it is fair to expect some glitches on both sides and for those on our part we apologise. However, I can promise that the hard work and dedication to fulfill this promise has remained a priority for the Ministry and the HIC.

In conclusion, I want to remind people that even though additional regulations are lifted this weekend it is imperative we all follow the rules of social distancing, prevention measures of washing our hands frequently, sneeze and cough etiquette and the using of hand sanitizers, as applicable. As we look to international news we are reminded of the still very real threat of COVID-19. A look at the resurgence in the Southern States in the USA, are stark reminders of this. Let us not become complacent please.

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