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Wednesday, Jan 27, 2021

MoE Statement on 2020 2nd Supplementary

MoE Statement on 2020 2nd Supplementary

Mister Speaker, Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to bring to the attention of this Honourable House, the exceptional circumstances appropriation changes which have resulted in the Supplementary Appropriations initiated by the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture & Lands for 2020.
Mister Speaker, Cabinet was asked to consider the following requests for reallocation within the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture & Lands appropriation lines so as to satisfy the 2020 expenditure needs as follows:

Decommissioning of the Youth Commission

The decision was taken by Cabinet to dissolve the National Youth Commission and transfer its functions and funding to the Youth Services Unit and the Ministry of Youth. The result of this was a reduction of $95,275, in NGS 59 Youth Development Programmes and a corresponding increase in EGA 18 Youth Services by $60,000 and increase in EGA 1 Policy Advice, Governance and Ministerial Support Services by $35,275.

Covid-19 recovery assistance related transfer of funding

Internet services for those in need

There was an initiative to assist 170 households who were in need of additional internet services or expansion of band width. This issue was highlight during the lockdown and various school closures.

As a result of this $21,750 was transferred to EI 12 Capital for the purchase of 145 LTE modem devices, to assist with internet provision. $81,600 was also transferred to EGA 8 Facilities Maintenance and Operational School Support Services $ 81,600 for purchase of 170 4G LTE 12mb internet plans. The modems and associated plans will be provided to the identified households to allow students to have connectivity for education related content. This is particularly critical should schools have to revert to a period of remote teaching and learning.

Covid-19 related funds for Early Childhood Care and Education Centres (Educational Institutions)

Based on feedback from stakeholders there was the establishment of a special one-time Covid-19 support grant for early childhood care and education centres based on need. TP 27 Pre-School Educational Assistance was increased by $500,000 for this purpose. Funds were transferred from EA 4 Land Purchase for this purpose, as there were savings in relation to the budget allocated for the purchase of land related to the Early Intervention Programme. An advisory committee has been established to oversee these special grants. Early childhood care and education centres which require financial assistance as a result of the impact of Covid-19, are required to apply for consideration.

Early childhood care education centres institutions that need financial assistance are required to provide specific information in order to inform and validate the grant process.

Covid-19 recovery related transfer of funding – youth and sports services

Grants to operational providers – Youth and Sports Services

NGS 60 Sports Programme funding $700,000 was brought forward from 2021 to the 2020 budget. These funds were further transferred to TP 98 Youth and Sports Services - Covid Response and Recovery for strengthening the financial foundation and supporting the viability of each of the focus sports by increasing their funding to $150,000.00 annually. This increase to the National Sports Associations governing; Athletics, Aquatic Sports, Basketball, Cricket, Netball, Squash, Volleyball and Football resulted in an annual increase in annual sports funding of $787,925 for 2020. This increase is being funded by bringing forward $700,000.00 from the 2021 sports allocation under NGS 60.

A transfer of $87,925 in funding from TP 72 Other Youth and Sports Programme Assistance to TP 98 Youth and Sports Services - Covid Response and Recovery was also done, to fund the balance required for 2020. as a result of x


Mister Speaker, thank you for allowing me to explain the exceptional circumstances which have resulted in the Supplementary Appropriations initiated by the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture & Lands for the 2020 fiscal year thus far.

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