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Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020

Singapore Airlines Turns A380 Superjumbo Into Pop-Up Restaurant

Singapore Airlines Turns A380 Superjumbo Into Pop-Up Restaurant

Singapore Airlines Ltd. is opening one of its Airbus SE A380 superjumbos as a temporary restaurant, joining a gaggle of other carriers trying out novel ways to raise cash while the coronavirus decimates air travel.
Diners can choose their cabin class where they will be served meals with two alcoholic drinks and free flow of other beverages, the carrier said in a statement. The plane, parked at Changi Airport, will be open on Oct. 24 and Oct. 25. A tour of the aircraft will be available before lunch and customers will be able to watch the inflight entertainment channels during their meal.

The carrier, which suffered a record S$1.12 billion ($817 million) net loss in the quarter through June and is laying off about 20% of its workforce, is also selling a range of first- and business-class meals and offering a service whereby a private chef reheats, plates and serves customers in their homes. Tours of the airline’s training facilities will be available in late November.

Singapore Airlines said it won’t pursue the idea of a short-tour flight due to feedback that included environmental concerns. Some other carriers in the region including ANA Holdings Inc. and Taiwan’s Starlux Airlines have launched these so-called flights to nowhere, catering to people still yearning to fly.

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