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Friday, Nov 27, 2020

Toronto: Hong Kong immigrant educates local Canadian women

Hong Kong immigrant calls a Canadian woman disgusting for not wearing a mask. The woman spits on him. He pushes woman off of the bus to where she belongs: the street.
She spoke with him Canadian, he answer her in Cantonese.

My whole life I've always said that men shouldn't hit women, but I can't judge him at all. Being spit on is a terrible feeling even when it's accidental and even without the threat of covid. Covid just makes it worse.

She assaulted him. Not as a “women” but as anything but a woman. And the way she assaulted him during a pandemic could cause him to become sick and possibly die or pass tge virus on to someone else who might die.

We must admit that the Justice that this man imported to Canada (Made in Hong Kong, not in China) is much more effective than the Canadian justice system. A tiny fall onto the pavement is nothing but a minimal education that she would remember.

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André Gide
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