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Monday, Aug 10, 2020

Treasure from trash, at Trash Talks II

Treasure from trash, at Trash Talks II

Trash Talks 2 is being held from November 1 to December 31, 2019 at Mojo Gastro Pub, Central Terrnce, located on the 2nd floor of Bayshore Mall. It is free to the public during operating hours - 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily. The show features over 2 dozen individual pieces.
Textiles by Rhonda Edie - who is exhibiting for the first time, mixed media by Nasaria Suckoo Chollette, sculpture by Joseph Betty, found object collage by Marc Lawrenson, fluid art and epoxy resin by Marcia Codner, Bonnie Lambert, and June South Robinson, sculpture by Kerwin G. Ebanks and sea glass jewelry by Olivia Sutton.

It is the second in a series of exhibitions of fine art, made from the things that we throw away. Greeting you, just outside the door, as you walk into the Mojo Gastro, is big sculpture by artist Joseph Betty, made from bits and pieces of things you find washed up on any of Cayman’s beaches, but especially lengths of nylon rope that were used to good effect to create what seems to be a man, stooping.

Inside, the size and form of all the pieces, from around two dozen artists who love to make treasure from trash, is very varied. There are more big pieces, like the pop-art style depiction of rock star Mick Jagger by Marc Lawrenson. If you look at it far enough away, the face appears very clearly, but up close, everything changes, and you can see that it has been carefully made from many little pieces of plastic trash, and many little faces of plastic monsters and dinosaurs and ponies pop out like unruly pimples from the face of the rock god. Children seemed to love the piece; perhaps because it was full of broken plastic toys.

“The exhibition's aim is to stimulate dialogue on the issues of pollution, sustainability and effective waste management,” said Kerwin G. Ebanks the show’s curator, and the man who keeps this group of artists together. He can often be seen trudging the beaches in the early mornings, looking for interesting pieces of trash that the beach washes up. “It is also hoped that the show inspires other creatives to explore the many ways they can upcycle objects of their own into artwork,” Mr. Ebanks said. It’s certainly inspiring to see all the beautiful things that can be made from, well, trash.

June South-Robinson has a wonderful mermaid, in a subdued, magical iridescent children’s storybook style and which she formed out of just some of the many things that get thrown away every day. “I cut up some of the printer sheets and I fixed and put them onto an old print with some broken glass that I have been hoarding as the result of a broken coffee table top smashing which I used to create the waves and the 3D effect,” she said.

Another artist, Marcia Codner had made a wall-lamp from an old broken skateboard, as well as a lovely, painted guitar that had been discarded. Artist Olivia Sutton had a display of beautiful jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces made from sea glass she has found on the beach. Memory of She is a thought-provoking piece of art made from many rectangular plates of metal, from a discarded clocking-in machine. Ms Suckoo Chollette embroidered the pieces, she said, after carefully drilling holes in each one. It is a piece that reaches into the tension between the masculine and feminine energies of an island community, as they engage in their dance of life together.

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