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Thursday, Sep 24, 2020

Two men arrested and charged for importing illegal drugs

Two men arrested and charged for importing illegal drugs

Just about 10PM on Saturday 1 August, police had cause to stop a vehicle that was travelling with a trailered vessel attached.
The vessel appeared to have recently been retrieved from a launching ramp on North Church Street in George Town.

Using emergency lights and siren, officers attempted to stop the vehicle. The vehicle eventual came to a stop at a residence in the Rockhole area. A search was conducted of the vehicle and the attached vessel and a large quantity of packages believed to contain ganja was found on board. The packages weigh approximately 950lbs.

A 38-year-old-man of George Town and 40-year-old-man of Bodden Town were arrested on suspicion of drug related offenses as a result of the officers’ findings. Both men have since been charged with Being Concern in the Importation of Ganja and Possession of Ganja with the Intent to Supply.

The men are expected to appear in court today, Tuesday 4 August.

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David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory
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