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Friday, Jul 10, 2020

Update: wanted Simon Julio Newball arrested

Update: wanted Simon Julio Newball arrested

Just before 4:25PM today 25 June, police located and arrested wanted man Simon Julio Newball in the Eastern Avenue area of George Town.
After being located, Newball resisted arrest, deployed pepper spray and assaulted an officer at the location. The officer was transported to the Cayman Islands Hospital for treatment for what is believed to be non-life-threatening injuries.

Newball is currently in police custody pending further investigations.

It is against the law to obstruct a police officer in the execution of his duties. In doing so you may be liable to a penalty of a fine of $3000 and imprisonment for 4 years.

Newball was involved in an incident on 27 May where he assaulted the police and brandished restricted weapons. He was wanted on suspicion of possession of a restricted weapon, threats to kill and other offenses relating to this and other incidents. For more information see press release below.

Officers had been actively searching for Newball since the incident occurred on 27 May.

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