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Thursday, Jun 04, 2020

Verdant Isle registered in GC not Brac

Verdant Isle registered in GC not Brac

Verdant Isle, the bidder selected to take on the controversial cruise port project, is registered in Grand Cayman and not Cayman Brac, as had been believed. Following media enquiries about the registration of the new company and why it was based on the Brac, officials said during their visit last week they did not know. However, in a short statement Tuesday Verdant Isle said it had been confused with another company with a similar name.
Speaking to CNS last week, several of the representatives of the consortium making up the new company all said that their lawyers had registered the company and they had no answer as to why it had been done on the Brac but they would endeavour to find out and let the people know.

In a short statement on Tuesday, a spokesperson said that they had learned that Verdant Isle Port Partners Ltd, which is the official name of the consortium company, was never registered on the Brac.

They stated that it “was incorporated in the Cayman Islands on 27 August” through Conyers Corporate Services on Grand Cayman. The company on the Brac is Verdant Isle Holdings Limited, which was incorporated on 30 May and has a registered office recorded in Cayman Brac by an unnamed party. “There is no connection between the two companies,” the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, the information and documents about the proposed cruise project, including the designs, which Verdant Isle said last week would be released into the public domain soon, have still not appeared and the new website, where the information is expected to be posted, remains under construction as of Tuesday.

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